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Voices Unheard 

Currently Accepting Submissions!

We’re thrilled to announce that we are launching our first Zine entitled “Voices Unheard.” It will include mixed media artwork created entirely by survivors of Gender Based Violence (GBV). We’ll be accepting submissions from now until until December 27th, 2023.


In this Zine we’re focusing on:

* Providing a platform for survivors to share their voices and stories that may have been marginalized or overlooked.

* Including pieces that address lesser-known aspects of gender-based violence and the importance of raising awareness.


If you don’t have a completed submission you’re welcome to send a draft of your work. All submissions can be sent to:

DV/SA Awareness Month Mural

In many instances, observance holidays often overlook the very communities they are meant to commemorate. CNTR is on a mission to change that narrative. Our project is a heartfelt effort to place survivors and their voices at the forefront of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We firmly believe that true healing involves not only providing support but also offering perspective. Through the creation of a stunning mural adorned with the words and experiences of survivors, we are creating a beautiful and powerful symbol that embodies the resilience and strength of survivors. 

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